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Seattle Rubbish Removal can load and haul away almost anything that two workers can lift – other than hazardous household waste – and we recycle as much as possible. Check out our junk removal price list, charges and junk removal process below.

How Do We Charge?

For most junk, we charge by volume, i.e. the fraction of a truck we fill according to our Standard Volume Rates. Alternatively, for dense materials like dirt, concrete, bricks, plaster, asphalt shingles, etc., our Dense Materials Rates apply. For a handful of items, Additional charges may apply shown at right. We will inspect your rubbish and give you an estimate before we start work. On everything, disposal and recycling fees are included in the price. Rates factor in up to one hour on site for a two man crew to load. We can fill a truck in that time assuming close access to a pile. Beyond that we bill an hourly rate per worker.

Standard Volume Rates

Our minimum load size may vary by location.
Load Load Size Price
Full 520 ft³ (~20 yds³) $549
7/8 455 ft³ (~17 yds³) $509
3/4 390 ft³ (14.4 yds³) $469
5/8 325 ft³ (12 yds³) $419
1/2 260 ft³ (9.6 yds³) $354
3/8 195 ft³ (7.2 yds³) $289
1/4 130 ft³ (4.8 yds³) $219
1/6 87 ft³ (3.2 yds³) $164
1/8 65 ft³ (2.4 yds³) $109

Additional Charges

Some items incur additional charges due to per item handling or recycling costs.
Common Items Charge
Refrigerator, Freezer, CFCs* $30+
Air Conditioners* $35
Pianos $50
Fluorescent Bulbs* $0.25/ft
Paint (Latex ONLY. No Oil-Based Paint) $9/gal.
Commercial Electronics* (copiers, etc) $50-125
Tires $8
Hypodermic Needle Hazard $45/man

* Prices may vary for large quantities or some large/commercial type items. We will give you a quote upon inspection.

The Process

  1. Make an appointment. We give you our best estimate with your description.
  2. In route, we call you with arrival time.
  3. Upon site, we give you a cost estimate before loading.
  4. We load up, clean up, and take payment.
  5. We haul your rubbish to nearby recycling, donation, and disposal locations.

Dense Materials Rates

These rates apply to materials such as dirt, mulch, compost, concrete, bricks, plaster, asphalt shingles, etc. in large quantity.
Load Size Price
Full Load (4 cubic yards) $490
3/4 Load (3 cubic yards) $390
1/2 Load (2 cubic yards) $290
1/4 Load (1 cubic yard) $190

We will pro-rate for small qty. Loads with significant percentage of materials such as drywall or similarly dense materials may incur some prorated dense materials charge.

Labor Rates

The first 2 man-hours (1 hour X 2 men) of loading time is included. Additional labor required on site, if any, is billed at $45 per man-hour.

Container Service - (For recyclables only)

Container Service Overview:

We offer 20 cubic yard and 30 cubic yard roll-off containers (a.k.a. dumpsters).  Our container service is limited to loads consisting of recyclables only.  Typical of such recyclable loads include comingled construction debris OR clean green yard waste OR dirt OR concrete.  For all container service we charge a container service fee plus the cost of the weight or volume of the materials dumped.  In some cases, rent or distance charges may apply.

Container Service Fee:

$210 for 20yd
$260 for 30yd.
Includes drop-off, pickup, and up to 7 days of use (rental after first week (7 days) = $5/day)

Tonnage Cost:

Comingled construction/demolition debris = $109 per ton. (If household garbage or other non-construction debris items are found, like mattresses, couches, etc., then the cost is $150 per ton + 3.6% WA State Refuse tax and extra charges may apply if incurred by our recycling partners.)

For other source separated loads, see per item pricing at right.

Tonnage Cost for Loads of Single Type Recyclable Materials:

Note: If below items are intermingled, the highest non-recycling rate will apply.
(ONLY) 100% Clean lumber loads (no painted or treated wood. No yard waste. Dimensional lumber only):

Per market/location availability: around $85 per ton

(ONLY) Dirt (5 yd limit per container):

$39 per cubic yard. Contaminants such as concrete or wood may incur extra charges by our recycling partners.

(ONLY) Concrete (5 yd limit per container):

$49 per cubic yard for CLEAN concrete. Concrete w/ rebar or wire mesh or other “dirty” concrete may be up to $75/cubic yard (Dependent upon judgement of our recycling partners). Wood mixed in the concrete is not accepted.

(ONLY) Brush:

Per market/location availability: around $29 per cubic yard or around $85/ton. With your feedback about density we can choose the cheapest option

Distance Surcharge:

No distance charge for locations within 15 miles of our SoDo, Seattle lot. A surcharge of $5.00 per mile outside of that range will be applied to the final price*.

*mileage is measured via mapping software and charged only on the distance between our base and your address, NOT total miles driven on the two round trips for delivery and pickup.

Trip Charge:

A $75 trip charge will be assessed for a scheduled pickup/dropoff where Seattle Rubbish Removal is unable to access the container at customer job site or turned away for any reason.

Additional Truck Time:

Wait time imposed on the truck/driver incurs hourly rate.

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